Corporate sustainability report (CSR)

Focus on Sustainability

This is BEIJER GROUP's second sustainability report, which reviews the progress in 2018. In the year, efforts concentrated on achieving structured, systematic and documented sustainability work. In 2018, we created a Sustainability Group with representatives of our three business entities, Beijer Electronics, Westermo and Korenix. We also focused on our key suppliers, and how they pursue sustainability issues. BEIJER GROUP also joined the UN Global Compact in 2018. With our Sustainability Report in place, we can now monitor progress on sustainability within the Group’s different companies on a better footing. In the year, we were able to formulate a cohesive view of how we will work on sustainability going forward.

President and CEO Per Samuelsson comments on the Group's sustainability work:

"In 2018, we improved our earnings and profitability markedly. This offers us more scope for a continued focus on sustainability, innovation and creativity. In turn, it also makes us a more attractive employer so we can attract more, skilled professionals that share our corporate philosophy. People and our co-workers in harmony with the company are central to BEIJER GROUP's continued successes."

If you have any views or questions on this Report, please contact:

Per Samuelsson
President & CEO

Fredrik Persson
Quality & Environmental Manager

Learn more about the Group's work on sustainability issues in the report below.


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