Corporate sustainability report (CSR)

Sustainability work is vital for BEIJER GROUP

Within BEIJER GROUP, sustainability means endeavoring to strike a balance between economic progress, social responsibility and environmental improvements. Work for, and interest in, this is growing, and remains important to BEIJER GROUP.

This is BEIJER GROUP's third Sustainability Report. In the year, our focuses included increasing the number of sustainability audits of key suppliers. BEIJER GROUP’s products also contribute to a more sustainable world as we sell to several segments where we help reduce energy consumption, control solar energy and water treatment plants and reduce CO2 emissions and other environmental pollutants.

Adopting a life cycle perspective, we also initiated work in the year on how we can reduce our own negative environmental impact through product life cycles, and this work will continue in 2020.

Our people’s well-being is vital to BEIJER GROUP. We work continuously on maintaining a mentally and physically healthy working environment, where everyone should feel happy and well.

This year’s surveys revealed that our people generally have a positive perception of their working situations and workplaces, with very high ratings in zero tolerance of discrimination and harassment, and encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact:

Per Samuelsson
President & CEO

Fredrik Persson
Quality & Environmental Manager

Learn more about the Group's work on sustainability issues in the report below.  

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