Corporate Sustainability report (CSR)

In 2018 Beijer Electronics Group AB’s released its first Sustainability report, which is for the financial year 2017. Efforts to get structured, systematic and documented sustainability work in place commenced in fall 2016, and the company executed its first materiality analysisin 2017. Some sustainability indicators in the form of key metrics are presented in this Report, but many of the metrics that are management’s ambition to measure, produce action plans for and monitor, are currently in build-up, and some are not available for previous years.

President and CEO Per Samuelsson comments on Beijer Electronics Group's sustainability work:

"We made serious progress on our sustainability work in 2017, building up systematics on how Beijer Electronics Group should address these issues. We think sustainability should be an integrated part of our business. Work on sustainability should interweave every part of the Group, and form a pattern, so that sustainability permeates our whole business. Our goal is a sustainable operation in longterm profitability."

Learn more about Beijer Electronics Group's work on sustainability issues in the report below.





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