Beijer Electronics Group's Board of Directors has resolved to transfer own shares


The Board of Beijer Electronics Group has resolved to, during the period July 15 to September 26, 2022, execute a transfer of 9,099 ordinary shares on Nasdaq Stockholm for cashflow hedging purposes relating to social security contributions arising as consequence of LTI 2019/2022.

In order to secure cost coverage for social security contributions in respect of LTI 2019/2022, the Annual General Meeting 2022 has authorized Beijer Electronics Group's Board of Directors to resolve, on one or more occasions before the 2023 Annual General Meeting, to transfer ordinary shares on Nasdaq Stockholm. In accordance with previous communication, Beijer Electronics Group has for such purpose divested 7,420 ordinary shares during the period May 27 to June 14, 2022.

Based on the authorization of the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors has today resolved to transfer the remaining 9,099 ordinary shares held by the company on Nasdaq Stockholm. The transfer shall be executed during the period July 15 to September 26, 2022 at a price within the current price interval for the share. The transfers will be reported via Nasdaq Stockholm in accordance with current regulations.

The total number of shares in Beijer Electronics Group amounts to 29,051,688, of which 28,837,427 are ordinary shares and 214,261 are class C shares, corresponding to 28,858,853.10 votes in total. On the date of this press release, the company holds 9,099 ordinary shares and 214 261 class C shares, intended for ongoing incentive program.

For more information please contact:

President and CEO, Jenny Sjödahl, tel +46 (0)16 42 80 00, mobile +46 (0)725 89 60 80
Executive VP and CFO Joakim Laurén, tel +46 (0)40 35 84 96, mobile +46 (0)703 35 84 96

Beijer Electronics GroupAB is a global technology group offering sophisticated digital solutions for industrial data communication and for control and monitoring systems and IIoT. We share a pride in having some of the world's leading global companies as our core customers. Since its start-up in 1981, BEIJER GROUP has evolved into a multinational group of complementary business entities with sales over 1.6 billion SEK in 2021.

The company is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market's Mid Cap List under the ticker BELE.

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