Guidelines for procurement

Procurement of non-audit by the auditors may be made only to the extent not contrary to law or other regulations for the protection of the auditor's impartiality, independence and impartiality, including provisions of the Auditors Act and the FAR's ethics rules.

This means among other things, that auditors may not be hired for non-audit if he / she or anyone else in the audit team where he / she works
  1. has a financial interest in the client's business, (self-interest threat)
  2. at guidance that does not constitute audit activity has provided advice on a question to any part covered by the audit assignment, (self-review threat)
  3. acts or has acted in support of or against the principal's position in any legal or financial matter, (party position threat)
  4. has a close personal relationship with the client or to any person in his direction, (eg long-standing friendships and frequent social contacts),
  5. is subject to threats or any pressure intended to intimidate (intimidation threat)
  6. thus will take a decision or participate in making decisions for the Company or any of its related companies or its management's behalf.

The same applies if there is any relationship of such nature that it may undermine confidence in the auditors' impartiality or independence.