Nomination Committee

Rules for the Nomination Committee

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) decides on the rules for the Nominating Committee for the AGM. These rules apply until decisions on changes in rules are adopted by the AGM, mainly as follows:

  • The Nomination Committee shall consist of five members, one representative for each of the four largest shareholders as of immediately preceding publication and the Chairman of the Board.
  • The names of the four members and those shareholders that have appointed them shall be published by no later than six months before the AGM and shall be based on the number of votes as of the last banking day in August of the year prior to the AGM.
  • Member representing the largest shareholder shall appoint the Chairman of the Nomination Committee, who may not be a Board member.
  • Potential changes to the composition of the Nomination Committee shall be published as soon as they have occurred.

Tasks of the Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee shall prepare proposals on the following matters to be submitted to the AGM for resolution:

(a) Chairman of the Meeting, (b) Board of Directors, (c) Chairman of the Board, (d) Directors’ fees, and (e) fees for the company’s auditors.