The Board's work and role

The role of the Chairman of the Board

Apart from leading the Board of Directors’ work, the Chairman of the Board of Beijer Electronics Group AB continuously monitors progress by maintaining ongoing contact with the Chief Executive Officer on strategic matters. The Chairman of the Board represents the group on ownership-related matters.

The Board of Directors’ Working Methods

The Board of Directors’ activities conform to a yearly plan. Apart from the Board meeting following election, which is held coincident with the AGM, the Board normally meets five times per year (scheduled meetings). Extra meetings are convened when necessary. The Board of Directors’ and Chief Executive Officer’s rules of procedure are adopted yearly at the Board meeting following election. Each meeting follows an agenda, with supporting documentation provided to Board members in goodtime before each Board meeting.

The Annual Accounts, proposed appropriation of profits and the financial statement are considered each financial year in the first scheduled Board meeting of the financial year. Coincident with this process, the company’s Auditors submit a report to the Audit Committee regarding the Auditors’ observations and judgments of the audit conducted. The Chief Executive Officer is assigned to submit Interim Reports approved by the Board of Directors at scheduled meetings later in the financial year. Each scheduled meeting also includes several other matters on its agenda, including a report on the current results of operations.  

The Board of Directors appraises its own work and that of the Chief Executive Officer on an ongoing basis. It also conducts a structured evaluation led by the Chairman of the Board in tandem with scheduled Board meetings each October.

By the Board appointed Committees are responsible for preparing issues for Board decisions. Decisions are taken by the Board after an open discussion led by the Chairman. The Chief Financial Officer of Beijer Electronics Group AB, also Compliance Officer for the Code of Corporate Governance, serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors.