General Meetings

Annual General Meeting 2023

Beijer Electronics Group AB's AGM for 2023 will be held on May 10 in Malmö.

Shareholders who wish to have a matter dealt with at the AGM must submit a written request to the Board of Directors. Such request must normally be received by the Board of Directors no later than seven weeks prior to the general meeting.

Annual General Meeting 2022

Beijer Electronics Group AB's AGM for 2022 was held on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at Scandic Triangeln.

The shareholders were given the opportunity to participate in the meeting room, or via postal voting. A recording of the CEO's presentation (in Swedish) is available at the company website.

   Notice Convening the AGM

   The Board of Director's statement with regard to the proposed dividend

   The Board of Director's Complete Proposal for the AGM 2022


Documents related to Remuneration to Senior Executives are found here 

The Nomination Committee's Motivated Account for the proposed Board of Directors is found here.

Previous General Meetings

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