Meet our people

The knowledge, technical competence and inter-cultural skills of the people within our company make our strategies and goals come true. And we want to attract the very best. 

Get to know us by learning about some of the people who works here. Reading their stories will energize you as you gain insights into who they are, why they chose Beijer Electronics.

Johan Appelqvist, Key Account Manager

Johan is our new Key Account Manager based in Malmö.
The last ten years Johan worked as Key account manager for a Danish technical consultant/OEM in pharma, focusing on the relationships with major key accounts. Prior to this he ran his own business within market intelligence and product tests. The clients where industrial companies around Europe. He has a masters degree in business administration, a second bachelors degree in business intelligence and a fifth of my MBA finished.


What most attracted you to accept the job here at Beijer Electronics?
I was looking for a global Swedish company with an innovative and entrepreneurial attitude. Preferably a growing organization with an open mind. I think Beijer Electronics fits well with this and I am excited to join the team.

Anna Ohrås - Business Controller

Anna Ohrås is our Business Controller for EMEA. Amongst other tasks she drives business analysis work in EMEA and manages the monthly reporting.

Anna has an international career that started in Brussels in the year 2000, mainly working with Mergers & Acquisitions. Following that she has held a few different functions, such as project manager, finance manager for a manufacturing site in the UK and finally global business controller function. In 2013 she decided to move back to Sweden in order to better combine the private and professional life.

Anna, why did you want to join Beijer Electronics? 

"Given my background I very much enjoy working in a truly international environment, with people from different countries and cultures and speaking different languages. I am also attracted by the nature of this function, being part of an operational organization with more hands-on and operational finance responsibilities."

Anna Ohrås

Francesco Rossi - Senior Electrical Engineer

Francisco is leading electronic design and development activities necessary to take a design from concept to production. He is based in our office in Salt Lake City.

- I work with internal and external teams to ensure the design meets set requirements for: schedule, functionality, cost, quality, regulatory compliance, and industry standards compliance.

What have you done prior to joining Beijer Electronics?
I used to work for a company as a Senior Electrical Engineer. I have a Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering with RF and Circuit Theory specialization.

What most attracted you to accept the job here at Beijer Electronics? 
I was attracted by the opportunity to develop state of the art products working with a strong global development team.

Appu George - Software developer

"I am working as a Software Developer with the iX Development team. Before joining Beijer Electronics I was doing my Masters in Information Engineering and Management at Jönköping University. At the same time I was working with a small startup as a Software Engineer. There I mainly worked with developing applications for Logistics and Supply chain domain utilizing the benefits of RFID Tags."

"Prior coming to Sweden, I was working as a Software Engineer for 5 years at a technology company in Bangalore, India, where we built a web based product for a Construction Management domain.”

What most attracted you to accept the job here at Beijer Electronics? 

“The “iX Developer” product is very exciting and to work in an agile team is quite exciting. I was also very impressed by the attitude of the team I met during the interview and an opportunity to work with such a team will be more than a justifiable reason to accept the offer.”