This is Beijer Group

Beijer Electronics Group is an innovative, high-tech company active in industrial automation and data communication. The Group’s software and hardware products, control, monitor, check and communicate digital information flows across an array of applications. Beijer Electronics Group is a multinational corporation with its roots in Swedish engineering know-how. Delivering innovative solutions to help improve efficiency and cut costs for our customers.


New segment reporting effective 2017

Beijer Electronics Group has implemented a new segment reporting effective 2017. The IAS business area has changed name, and is be reported under the Beijer Electronics business entity. The IDC business area has been divided and is reported under the Westermo and Korenix business entities. This new division is apparent in the first section of the Annual Report for 2016. In the formal Annual Accounts, the latter part of this document, the division between IAS and IDC is retained for 2016.