BEIJER GROUP is a technology group that delivers advanced digital solutions for secure machine-machine and human-machine control, monitoring and communication in harsh environments, where reliability and high quality are critical factors.

BEIJER GROUP has a strong presence on expansive markets and segments featuring digitalization. Its offering consists of proprietary and mainly newly developed products, which help create good future prospects and great potential for high and profitable growth.

Since its start-up in 1981, BEIJER GROUP has evolved into a multinational group with sales of 1.6 billion SEK 2021.

BEIJER GROUP is listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Main Market's Mid Cap-list under the ticker BELE.

Digitalization driving growth

With digitalization as its primary underlying driver, the Group is growing organically with investments in infrastructure, transportation and energy, for example. The need for the more resource-efficient control and optimization of processes for more sustainability is another contributor to its growing business.

Revenue model

BEIJER GROUP’s revenue model is founded on close partnerships with customers on long-term development projects. Finished products, which integrate hard and software, are built into customers’ complete solutions with lifecycles up towards ten years. This generates repeat and stable revenues for the long term. Future software updates also present an opportunity to expand business.

Group philosophy

BEIJER GROUP’s philosophy is founded on strong decentralization. Independent subsidiaries operating as profit centers are managed with clear values and centralized monitoring. A strong and positive corporate culture facilitates hiring and retaining staff with the specialist technology skills necessary to future-proof product development.

Group strategy

BEIJER GROUP’s overarching strategy is to generate profitable growth by developing and acquiring companies with high digital technology skills and strong positioning on growth markets. beijer group’s different holding should have the capability to achieve minimum yearly growth of 10%, and the potential to achieve an EBIT margin of 15%. To achieve its targets, beijer group manages its business entities by applying Group-wide strategies and a strong collective corporate culture.