People and technology…

...going hand in hand. People create digital solutions for a variety of applications and systems. The data generated is transported and interconnected in wired and wireless digital networks that enable processed information to be fed back to people. beijer group is at the core of digital progress, delivering robust communication and IIoT (industrial Internet of things) solutions across a raft of sectors such as industry, transportation, real estate and infrastructure.

is an innovative, high-technology Group that provides the market with digital solutions that help customers optimize processes at different levels of their business. Our solutions bridge the interface between human and machine. Data is captured, controlled, transported, presented and analyzed in interactive and seamless processes.

Our offering consists of software, hardware, services and servicing, linking a variety of systems across wired and wireless digital networks, interconnecting a raft of IIoT applications. Our solutions are robust to enhance our customers’ operations, with their focus on efficiency, reliability and IT security.

Since its start-up in 1981, BEIJER GROUP has evolved into a multinational group with sales of 1.4 billion SEK 2018.

BEIJER GROUP is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Stockholm Small Cap list under the ticker BELE.


A local presence…

Ever since start-up, beijer group has been headquartered in Malmö, southern Sweden. Over the years, the company has expanded internationally and now has a presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas through our own offices and carefully selected distributors. Our sales and distribution resources are localized in all three regions. A long-term local presence is a key component the group’s growth strategy.

…with the right skills

BEIJER GROUP professionals are highly skilled in disciplines including software and hardware development. Closeness to the market brings good awareness of customer needs and what the market is demanding. The combination of our professionals’ skills and experience is one of group’s most valuable assets.



The Group is organized into three business entities: Beijer Electronics, Westermo and Korenix. These entities have proprietary product development and manufacture, and global sales responsibility.