The Korenix business entity achieved high order intake and sales growth in 2018. After this organization’s adaptation in 2017, its focus in the past year was on recovery. Korenix fine-tuned its new organization, expanding its distributor network. A new strategic plan was set, focused on developing new products with superior performance during 2019-2021.

Offering and market

Communication solutions

Korenix provides the market with high-end data communication solutions wirelessly and over Ethernet, in an offering consisting of software and hardware. Korenix focuses on, among other things, wireless communication solutions for surveillance and security. The company addresses a number of selected market segments: transportation, with its need for information systems and communication solutions for buses, trains, metros, tunnels, roads and airports, is one major segment. Energy and power distribution are a second priority segment. IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions linked to automation in the manufacturing and semiconductor industries is a third. The market is generally in high growth.


Sales channels

Korenix markets and sells communication solutions through various channels–an in-house sales force, sales through OEM customers, system integrators and distributors. In Taiwan, sales are through Korenix’s own sales force. In China, the organization consists of five distributors and twelve key accounts. Sales globally outside Taiwan and China are through a distributor network, which is being progressively expanded.


Market segments

The largest segments are surveillance, transportation and infrastructure, the power sector and manufacturing. 

Sales and customers

Korenix’s sales are global, with 46% in Asia in 2018. Europe generated 44% of sales and North America 9%.

OEM customers accounted for 20% of sales, and distributors for 31%.