In 2016, Korenix maintained its focus on the investment program created in fall 2014. This investment involves the development and marketing of wireless  communication technology, focusing on the surveillance and security sectors.


Communication solutions

Korenix offers the market sophisticated data communication solutions, wireless and over Ethernet. Its offering includes hardware and software. The focus is on  wireless communication technology for surveillance and security. These markets are in high growth. Korenix addresses the smart cities segment, which demands greater efficiency in services including fixed or wireless communication in the transportation sector, as well as information systems for buses, trains, subways and roads. Other segments include the power and manufacturing industries. Wireless communication networks are also becoming more significant as a back-up to fixed communication networks to satisfy the need for constant availability.




Sales and customers

Korenix’s sales are global; Europe represents 37% of total, Asia 50%, the US 8% and other markets 5%. There are OEM customers on several markets, representing 21% of sales, the majority in the US. The 10 largest customers represented 41% of sales in 2016.