What we do


Beijer Electronics Group delivers smart automation and data communication solutions. Our solutions control, connect and present data and information in mission-critical applications and robust data communication. Digitalization is transforming market demands and the trend is moving towards connected systems with more software. The group is assigning significant resources to staying at the leading edge in developing new software and hardware solutions in automation and data communication. Beijer Electronics Group addresses an array of market segments with varying needs, which apply differing standards on their solutions. A significant component in Beijer Electronics Group’s offering targets exposed sectors in demanding environments that need robust, secure and sustainable solutions.

Smart Automation

Digitalization is creating new opportunities to interconnect data from equipment and various processes in increasingly complex systems that are integrated into a variety of cloud solutions. This generates customer benefit through improved knowledge of machinery and processes, their performance and insights for preventative servicing and maintenance. WARP Engineering Studio software, HMI products with new hardware and software for data access and the IIoT are simplifying and streamlining Beijer Electronics’ work on interconnecting automation with data capture and communication on the cloud. Beijer Electronics offers two clear competitive edges—user-friendly and time-saving software with unique functionality, and substantial automation and data access competence. Its solutions are integrated in a way that reduces the complexity of digitalization, making things easy for users.


The Industrial Data Communication segment consists of two business entities, Westermo and Korenix, which have complementary strategies.

Westermo develops, manufactures and sells data communication products and solutions for demanding industrial segments like rail, water and energy supply. The business entity has a world-leading offering in robust network solutions for mission-critical systems. These solutions consist of the proprietary operating system WeOS and hardware platforms. Korenix delivers wired and wireless data communication solutions. Its primary focus is on security and surveillance applications.