What we do

BEIJER GROUP provides the market with system solutions that help customers optimize processes at different levels of their business. Data is captured, controlled, transported, presented and analyzed in interactive processes. Our offering consists of software, hardware, services and servicing, linking a variety of systems across wired and wireless digital networks, interconnecting a raft of IIoT applications. Our solutions are robust to enhance our customers’ operations, with their focus on efficiency, reliability and IT security. BEIJER GROUP addresses a number of selected market segments with varying needs that apply differing standards to their solutions. A significant part of the Group’s offering addresses exposed sectors in harsh environments that need robust, secure and sustainable solutions.


The two business entities Westermo and Korenix, which have complementary strategies, operate in the industrial data communication segment. Westermo delivers industrial data communication solutions, enabling data to be transported across wired and wireless networks. These networks interconnect various systems at different levels of an operation. The core of Westermo’s solutions is a selection of network products comprising software and hardware. Industrial networks are mission critical, which is why they are robust and specifically developed to satisfy customer needs for mission-critical systems. Korenix provides wired and wireless data communication solutions. Its prime focus is on security and surveillance applications.

Interaction between people and technology

Digitalization is creating new possibilities to interconnect data from machinery from different processes in increasingly complex systems, which are integrated in various cloud solutions. It should be easy for people to interact with the technology that underlies operational processes through connected networks and web-based services. This improves the knowledge of machinery and processes, their performance and insights for preventative servicing and maintenance. Beijer Electronics’ solutions enhance customers’ operations, with their emphasis on efficiency, reliability and IT security. Solutions are brought together to reduce the complexity of digitalization and make things easy for users.