Independent business entities with their own responsibility for results

The technology group BEIJER GROUP operates through independent business entities with their own responsibility for results. The business entities develop, manufacture and sell products and services with high technology content in areas where hardware and software for demanding environments is the common denominator.

Westermo business entity

Westermo provides mission-critical industrial data communication solutions. In simple terms, these solutions enable data to be transmitted across wired and wireless networks. Reliable data communication is essential for digitalization where different systems are interconnected to enable applications and equipment to be controlled and monitored. These solutions address the transportation market and various manufacturing sector

Beijer Electronics business entity

Beijer Electronics provides the market with complete digital solutions for control and monitoring systems that are the core of a wide array of processes in different parts of the economy. Solutions consist of hardware, software and services. Beijer Electronics is a high-technology company that helps customers optimize their processes and strengthen their operations with an emphasis on efficiency and safety of operations and IT.